Sunday, January 07, 2007

This is it.

Well, I hope everyone had a great break.
I had enough dinners and gatherings to last
me until next Christmas. For some of you
guys, this is it! it's the last semester of
school. The last semester of school for
me came with a pleasant and warm feeling
of complishment for having made it to that
point. A couple of years ago, it was getting
into the program that had you guys worried
and during the two and a half years of studying,
it was deadlines upon deadlines that had you
sacrificing sleep. Trust me, all the struggle
has built something of all of us, a character
we're all building our character, our style,
our expression and our professional selves.
So, congratulations for having come this far
and here's to another four months of struggle
and pain. To the end of something and the start
of what will become our lives and careers. Let's
struggle together and help each other become
better. Yay.


adxzun said...

till the end Mr. Park, till the end. (sweat and blood dripping)

JU (JunYu Zhao) said...

Thx, thx again, thx again and again, thx your understanding of us thx for sharing your experience with us, I believe what you say, coz I love drawing and enjoy it.