Monday, December 18, 2006

fallsview casino

I got a request from someone to post some
of my freelance work that I've done in the past.
these were a few location drawings that I
did for Radke Filmgroup for their
television ads for Fallsview Casino.

check it out.


adxzun said...

this place looks very familiar...hmm..

Jina said...

wow~ Joe~
It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Jamesc said...


great stuff! plz be our life drawing teacher again thx. =)

Jamesc said...

oh and happy holidays!

Eric Vanic said...

WOW...very dope

cylex said...

cool drawings.

um...the perspective of the floor in "breezebar" is a bit "funny", do u agree Joe?

guno park said...

hey. thanks guys for leaving comments. again, this is just pre-production stuff. therefore doesn't need to be precise, it just needed to be clear enough to board from. and yes the perspective on most of the objects drawn are wrong.