Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year Drawing.

First drawing post of 2007.

This year, I hope to draw more than

I've ever drawn in my life in one year.

The most I ever drew was probably

during school where I went lifedrawing

at a regular pace, about 10 hours per week.

It'll be a challenge but I said it. So, I'll do it.

Cafe sketching will be the majority of it.

Here's a few from this week.


schumak said...

These are very cool Joe.

Jina said...

The 3rd one, is that your self portrait?
Its hair looks like you. lol

Hand drawings are very impressive.

JU (JunYu Zhao) said...

Joe, 200 hands!!! haha I will do it. I promise!!!

Sara said...

Hahaha, is that you? x3 Omogsh I never knew you that well before but that's funny, your hairstlye changes alot. x3 BTW it look great =D