Monday, April 14, 2008

Generational Adolescence

a drawing of three layers.
one - paper
two & three - mylar

50" x 36 ", col-erase pencils.

the importance of educating our younger generation
their roots, family history, and culture.

and a time-laps of the great grand mother.

-I don't know why blogger is turning the timelaps drawing purple.
the detail drawing is the right colour.


Augusto Quijano Vázquez said...

Hey, I love this! Looks amazing.

guno park said...

thanks cuxo!

adxzun said...

joe park...u never cease to amaze me..these are spectacular. congrats.

Junyu Zhao-(JUMONJIE) said...

Hey, Joe, amazing work. I totally agree with you. this art work reminds me one of the most important advices that you gave me in the last two years ":JU remember~!family is the most important thing" . I am going back to find my root after this summer. thanks for sharing your art with us. Thank you.

Tooninator said...

Hey G-man. It's Matt, Ed's friend/coworker from Wonderland. Thanks for the portrait dude. And good work on here. I'll be back to check in, so keep it current.

RiceEyes said...

guno hyungneem, this is fucking gangster!

schumak said...

Hey man, wicked overlays. Great drawings man, all the best.

Gavin Ball said...

Very nice Joe! I really like the concept too.

a* said...

this one!

love this!