Tuesday, November 13, 2007


A drawing I did during this year's Figure Drawing Marathon at ocad. There is another one coming up in the new year. I'll post for details when they come up. enjoy!
(sorry for the low quality)


Anonymous said...

Murray sure gets around.
I had him with my other life drawing class.
He sure has an amazing body structure.
Creepy guy though.

-best person ever.

Anonymous said...

Nice hand, and face.

Anonymous said...

yay! that was a fun 12-hours =) and this is an awesome drawing!

a_a said...

hey did u draw on my marathon pad? i was going through all my pads and i was like woaw when did i draw that
should i send u pics of all your stuff.. its very good

Leon JO said...

Man, is this the guy with jedi hair-do? if it is one of my fave model!!