Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Anonymous said...

Joe! This is cool! Is it for a comic book cover?

Calvin Tsang said...

Joe! I can't believe I missed the "Freehand Mechanical". Looks like you had an amazing evening. Stunning work as usual. Want to meet up sometime?

adxzun said...

hey joe! how are u doing? hows summer so far?

adxzun said...
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adxzun said...

thnx for the compliment joe. glad to hear that you are doing fine. Summer is alright. can't complain. still waiting you know. hows ur drawings? have passed sargent's level? cheers.

karim Qabrawi said...

Hi this is Karim

I Work with Animations & Comics

I liked your Job so

I wanted to leave you my Blogspot

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keep going with your Fine Art!

karim Qabrawi said...

Hey Dude
i like you Work too swallow Looks Like a Story or comic Cover???

am i Right

anyway i like it

and keep up to It


Raymond Xu said...

great stuff!

Sara said...

Hey Joe, I finally saw you blogspot. x3 that's so cool. O= I wish I could do that. x3 OKay I'm going to look at the rest of your blogspot =D.