Wednesday, March 14, 2007

it's done

here is 'windmill' done now.


Riè said...

Hello Joe Park. oooh the painting's finished~!! It's beautiful. I love the high constrast between the windmills & car vs the buildings.

Also, I wanted to let you know of this:

I started a group account on Deviant Art in order to showcase student work.

Nora said...

wow, thats wicked. Your life drawings make me jealous...Are you familiar with the work of James Jean?

I noticed that Rie has posted your work on should create a deviantart account so we can watch your updates. No pressure but all the cool kids are doing it.

nikki said...

very cool! love the design and colour. and the life drawings are awesome... of course :P

Sara said...

Haha, Joe that so cool~. But the car cunfuses me. o.O I wish I knew the story behind it. o.x BTW, I'm not gonna comment on everythjing, cause I'm getting lazy~! =0= But know that I'll always love your drawings and hoping.... something. =0= I'll think of the rest of the sentence later... x3 kkkkkk, I lvoe your drawings/paintings/everthjing else. BTW have you ever done sculptureingthingy? (I wonder if you even read this. =0=)