Monday, February 19, 2007

couple from the other day

i hope that i'm clearly demonstrating different feelings

in all of my drawings. different ways to draw.


James© said...

Awesome life drawings Joe! the paintings are looking sharp too, I can't wait to see you're paintings down the road.

thanks for the tip regarding shading, I've been keeping that in mind and trying to incorporate the technique.

adxzun said...

dammit joe...ur paintings are awesome!...and of course...of course your life drawings are awesome too...sigh...hahaha...sorry i miss the bone room trip...had to keep money flowing into my wallet.

JU (JunYu Zhao) said...
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JU (JunYu Zhao) said...

ho why i allways late for leaving a comment on your james said what i wanna say, ------that s awesome!! your drawing have some power of motivation, your drawing makes people wanna draw. Thx for shareing your awesome art work. i m still working on the 200 hands.